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In today’s competitive business environment, it is now more important than ever that Canadian businesses have advance knowledge of, and influence on, international labour issues as they develop; not after the fact. Membership in the CEC provides opportunities for Canadian employers to have a voice in the international arena and influence important international issues, that will have a bottom-line impact on business.
CEC members gain access to a full suite of resources and services, including the following:

  1. Knowledge – the CEC provides members with timely information and relevant perspectives on the latest developments in the international labour and employment field
  2. Advocacy – the CEC’s status as Canadian employers’ official voice on international issues allows it to advocate for members’ concerns with the Government of Canada, in international organizations, and in other law and policy-making forums
  3. Access – the CEC’s longstanding relationships with domestic and international policymakers makes advocacy effective, and allows the CEC to influence law and policy-making forums in a manner that results in concrete benefits for members

As a CEC member, you will have a unique ability to leverage the CEC’s membership network and approach to help shape the official position of Canadian employers on the issues affecting your business.

If you are a Canadian-based business, industry association or professional service firm and would like to join the Canadian Employers Council, we would be pleased to discuss potential membership with you. Please note governments and trade unions are not invited to join the CEC.

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